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About us


Be different and make a difference

NoNnegative is a family owned sustainable fashion brand with an uncompromising philosophy to create beautiful, contemporary and creative clothing, protect human rights and the environment.

Based in Ottawa, Canada and founded by Olga Rapoport - the Fashion Designer, and Aleksey Pstiga - the Administrative Director, the NoNnegative team strongly believes and sticks to the following principles:

- Conscious consumption of clothing: Thoroughly thinking through purchases, and making decisions based on all available information on the product.

- Only invest in pieces that you absolutely love, and through that, finding an alternative to mass production.

- Supporting honest, local businesses that utilize ethical production processes, provide interesting ideas, and promise fair wages for their workers.

- Valuing natural materials and resources, and reducing the use of synthetics bring us to strictly choose naturally produced fabrics and other needed materials, as well as emphasize the use of organic textiles.

- Choosing quality over quantity by making sure products are sturdy and can be worn or used for many years.

- Care for our planet and the incorporation of environmental concepts such as cutting consumption, reusing and repurposing as well as recycling materials.

- Selecting unique clothing created using ethical methods of manufacturing, and made with love and care.

Beside being entrepreneurs, we (Olga and Aleksey) are also a married couple of immigrants originally from Russia and Ukraine. One of us is passionate about fashion design, while the other specializes in business management. We love spending time enjoying nature, fresh air, incredible views over lakes, rivers and mountains. Although, in the last few years our eyes were opened to the ways in which the natural world we live in is affected by human activities; a discovery which saddened and frustrated us.

As citizens of our Earth, we feel responsible for bringing positive change upon the situation, and protecting our environment. That is why we hand-make NoNnegative products in Ottawa, in collaboration with other local, independent professionals. Not only that, we also avoid overproduction that could end up in landfills, and make products to-order to minimize our company’s impact on the environment.

NoNnegative is our way to utilize both our passions, and support each other in a shared, crucial goal; making a difference in global, social, and environmental crises. We also make sure to do as much as possible to be part of the solution of different environmental issues. This is done through donating to trustworthy charities, as well as minimizing the impact our business has on the planet.

The goal at NoNnegative is to present more options of sustainable fashion and clothing to our clients, because we believe that fashion is an important part of every individual’s social life. It gives us the opportunity for self expression and creativity, however, one’s fashion journey should not only benefit them, but also the people working on the clothing in all stages of production. Our hope is that by managing our company in a better, more conscious way, we can bring about positive change to the fashion industry, along with the planet.