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Because we care

We live in a world where we are more aware than ever of the impact our daily lives have on the environment and where we also have the knowledge and ability to make informed choices. Sustainability through design is the future for all industries.

NoNnegative is striving to be a guiding light for the fashion industry, creating beautiful, unique, handmade fashion designs, from sustainable and eco-friendly sources.

We want to prove that by using sustainable, ethically sourced materials, eco-friendly packaging, low-impact colouring, and a team of dedicated professionals with the same dreams and aspirations we can consciously create social and environmental change.

At NoNnegative nothing we use is produced using dangerous chemicals, are cottons are 100% Organic and our 100% Ahimsa Peace Silk fabric is vegan and has been ethically handwoven.

We go above and beyond to ensure every aspect of our fashion is centered and focused on a sustainable future for all.

What do we do to be sustainable?

✓ We at NoNnegative use the most sustainable, eco-friendly materials that we can possibly find for our clothing and design. No excuses and no cheapness; we consistently verify that our fabrics’ impact is as minor, or non-existent, as possible.

✓ Our products are also made to order, meaning we only produce the piece after it has been requested. This decision is much more preferable for a green brand since, unlike stock production, it does not result in thousands of products ending up in the trash.

✓ We at NoNnegative believe that the fabrics we use should be ethically made. It is our responsibility to assure our customers that their clothing was made by workers who receive fair wages and working conditions.

✓ Additionally, unlike almost all brands in the industry, we use strictly recycled or easily compostable matter to package your products. Our bags are able to biodegrade even in your compost bin, and any other material is recycled plastic and cardboard. 

✓ Lastly, our products are solely made locally in Canada. Shipping products from the manufacturer to our sales point would increase our negative environmental impact significantly, and is a process that can be avoided through our local production.